Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Healthbet Challenge - Week 1

So, you've read my intro and why I'm here.  The next few posts will be my journey on the Healthbet Challenge, where I struggled and maybe some recipes, lunch ideas, and other recipes.

First, thanks for coming back!  While the Healthbet Challenge started September 5th, I did join the challenge group on the 2nd, so I did get a little time to gather motivation, do some food research.  Changing my eating habits was not going to be easy (still isn't).

September 2nd - awesome yoga class, I belong to a studio so I try to get this in as often as I can.

September 3rd - Do people use Shakeology as a meal replacement or a snack?  I had to know, I was afraid it wouldn't be filling enough for a meal, but am I adding too many calories as a snack?  Turns out, there's no right answer.  Just follow your calories for the day (I use My Fitness Plan app to do that).  I wasn't starting my shakes until the 5th so I had some time to check it out.

September 4th - Got in a walk with my cuz that day, yay!

Let's put the starting stats in right about here...
As of September 2nd, I share with you my secret...  Again, you may weight more (you may also be taller, shorter, thinner, fatter - it doesn't matter, this is about your health...  no judgments).
Weight - 133
Chest - 37
Waist - 35
Hips - 39
Arms were at 11, and thighs at 19 - there was no change in these throughout the challenge, so I won't mention them again. 

Monday - September 5th - Official Start of the Challenge!!!  Also, Labor Day, making it a tough day to start w/ BBQ's and all.  Did I have a glass of wine?  Yes, but I also offset it with more water than wine.  Exercise for the day was a TOUGH Labor Day Class at the yoga studio.  My first day of shakes, I made Strawberry Lemonade.  Good start!

Day 2 - Shakeo - Fruity Colada, and a 3.24 mile with my husband.  Want to also mention with my walks, I use the Walk for a Dog App (Wooftrax).  We volunteer for the NJ Boxer Rescue, and just for walking, they donate money to my chosen charity.  If you have a rescue or shelter nearby, consider it.  If you don't, choose New Jersey Boxer Rescue.

Day 3 - Shakeo - Cafe Latte & a Yoga Class.  I haven't even started PiYo yet.  I gotta get on that!!!

Thursday, Day 4, Cafe Latte w/ milk (use something low fat, coconut or almond milk...  I use coconut a lot).  Yay, my challenge pack arrived!!  On my rest day, I read a bit about PiYo and the eating plan.

Day 5 - Mocha Chiller, then I watched the Intro video that came with PiYo, but did the Define Lower Body.  PiYo is low impact, but not low sweat!
Mocha Chiller Recipe:
1 scoop Chocolate Shakeology
1 c. cold-brewed coffee
(add 1 tsp. pure almond extract to make an Almond Mocha Chiller)

Day 6, September 10th - Hot day out, went for a walk.  No shake today.

Final day of week 1, started Sunday morning with a Pina Colada.  Don't judge me.  Also, did PiYo Define Upper Body.    

Stats for end of week 1... (yes, I'm happy with the results, it's not a lot, but remember, I'm a skinny fat person).
Weight - 129 (down 2 lbs)
Chest - 37
Waist - 33 (down 2 inches, what?)
Hips - 37 (down 2 inches, yea man)

Not Sure about Shakeology, but Want to try some?

Disclosure: I am an Independent Beachbody Coach. I do receive a commission or discount on all products, but I spend my own money on these products because they work. All opinions are my own.

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