Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Health Bet Challenge - Final Week!

Thanks for following me this far in my Health Bet Challenge!  I've had my ups and downs.  I really enjoy these shakes, and you can see you can mix up your workouts - in fact, it's good to mix up your workouts.

Let's recap my stats:
Weight - 127 (down 2, 4 total)
Chest - still 37
Waist - 32 (down 1, 3 total)
Hips - 37 (down 2).

Now, Final week and we'll take a look at how I made out in this challenge at the end.

Monday, September 26th - Cafe Latte for Lunch.  I'm mostly doing these for breakfast now, with a piece of fruit, but sometimes it ends up being lunch.  Whatever, just get it in.  That night, I did PiYo Sweat, and yea, I did.  Not a long workout, but intense.  Push through it, you'll be glad you did.

Day 23 - Chocolate Shakeo (breakfast again), not much in the way of exercise, but I was feeling very stressed, so I did a short, sweet bedtime yoga routine.  It was perfect.

Day 24 - Strawberry Daquiri.  Yoga at the studio.

Day 25 - We're almost there.  Salty Caramel Latte.  Did PiYo Define, BOTH Upper & Lower Body today.  I'm getting the hang of this!

Day 26 - Coconut Delight.  No Exercise - feeling a cold coming on. 

Day 27, Saturday, October 1st - Salty Caramel Latte.  Could it be a favorite?  Again, no exercise, yes, that's a cold coming on.  Better rest than sorry.  And, tonight, I have to sit out in the cold rain watching a band competition.

Day 28 - Final Day.  I do wish I wasn't wrapping up this challenge sick, but it happens.  I am feeling slightly better and my opinion is that I'm getting through it more quickly because I have changed my lifestyle.  I did do shake, but still no exercise.  Last night's stint in the cold rain wasn't the best idea, but I will not miss my kids' competitions, even for a bad cold.

Final Stats - I'm so excited at the results!!!  Remember, of course that results may very depending on what you've put it as well as how much you have to lose.
Weight 125 (2 MORE pounds, total of 8)
Chest - 36 (now, down 1 inch)
Waist - 31 (down 1 more, total 4)
Hips - 37 (down total 2 inches)

Right now, I'm going to continue with my "regimen" of Yoga, Walking & PiYo, along with continuing with Shakeology.  #Rocktober Starts official on October 10th, with October 3rd as a prep week.  Basically, I'm just going to continue and see where this leads me.

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Oh, and my share of the over $1,000,000?  A little over $16.  So, not a lot, but since I was expecting 5, it's like triple!  Look for a new Health Bet Challenge coming in January with over $2,000,000!!!

Disclosure:  As of the end of this Health Bet Challenge, now...  I am an Independent Beachbody Coach. I do receive a commission or discount on all products, but I spend my own money on these products because they work. All opinions are my own.

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